man walking up the stairs

I Thought I Walked alot Until I Got a Fitbit

As someone who spends most of the day behind a desk I know sitting in a chair all day is a bad idea, so I try to be active and exercise when I can.

I go to strength camps twice a week to break a sweat, build muscle and lose weight. I work on the sixth floor and take the stairs. I even go to the bathroom on the second floor, just so I can take the stairs back up. Whenever I go somewhere I typically park away from the building so I can get some additional walking in.

I thought I walked a lot until I got a Fitbit. Apparently there is magic in 10,000 steps and that is what Fitbit suggests as a daily step goal. 10,000 steps is roughly 5 miles depending on your stride length.

I’ve had my Fitbit since mid-April. In the beginning, I was averaging about 6,000 steps a day. I’ve been working on hitting 10,000 every day, but it is not as easy as you think. You do need to make time to do it.

If it is one thing I’ve learned it is that you will make time for what is important, and exercise is something that is important to me. It helps me not only feel better physically but mentally as well. Exercise does more to bolster thinking than thinking does.

I have made a commitment to hit my 10,000 steps daily. On days when I do not go to the gym I will wake up early to get a walk in to start my day. Today was day one and I am over 12,000.

Next week I look forward to writing about how I hit 10,000 consecutively for 7 days. I hope you’ll join me.