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Just Missed Last Weeks Goal

Last week I talked about how I thought I walked a lot until I got a Fitbit. I set a goal to hit 10,000 steps every day for the next week.

I came close, but on Monday, I forgot my Fitbit at the house and did not wear it for half the day. Now it’s debatable I may have still not hit 10,000 steps. I finished with 6,229 steps on the day.

Saturday was my highest day with 13,759 steps and my daily average was 10,234.

fitbit daily step dashboard

The 6,229 steps on Monday affected the daily average, but as you can see I barely made it over the 10,000 step goal on most days.

I found it both easier and harder to get the 10,000 steps in than I thought it would be. Easier in the sense that I enjoyed it. Harder in the sense that I did have to make time to get the steps in. I set my alarm and hour earlier on days I did not go to the gym, and I went for a walk. I would walk for almost an hour, and I still barely made my 10,000 step goal.

I enjoyed getting the extra exercise in each day and I look forward to continuing.