Section 1 Project: User Goals and Business Goals

The website I chose to redesign is: Scotland’s Cruise Centre.


1. Write down the user goals and business goals for the website.

2. Based on this unit’s course material and any outside knowledge, list out the UX principles you want to focus on specifically for this site redesign.

User goals and business goals for Scotland’s Cruise Centre.

User Goals

Primary User Goal:

I want to learn more about this cruise’s departures, what’s included in the package, cruise ship amenities, and the ports we stop at to determine whether it fits my budget, needs and preferences.

Secondary User Goal:

I want to purchase this cruise.

Business Goals

Primary Business Goal:

Ability for visitors to book cruises and packages directly on the site.

Secondary Business Goal:

Increase upgraded packages sold by  10%.

UX principles to focus on for the site redesign.


The site is very busy and often find it hard to focus on one specific thing. Organizing with some hierarchy might be able to help highlight the more common choices or packages they want to sell.


Ability for users to easily discover new cruises and deals to specific destinations.


Users cannot currently book online. They can either fill out a form to request an inquiry or fill out a form to request a call back. I wonder how many lost sales this process results in.


The site just feels overwhelming. If I were looking at potentially booking a cruise package and came across this site I would leave before I even began exploring the options. The fact that you cannot book online is negative as well. Would like to create a more delightful browsing/shopping experience and make better use of photography to really capture the visitors attention and make them feel like they want to be there.